10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Literature

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)

There are many interesting facts to know about literature. Literature delights us by appealing to our sense of beauty. The heart or sentiments are how literature reaches intelligence. We are most inspired by its emotional and cognitive appeal. Poetry is the literature of feeling, whereas prose is the language of reason. Poetry evokes a wide range of emotions, including love, hatred, joy, grief, fear, sympathy, rage, jealousy, revenge, and charity. The more powerful the feeling, the more poetry appeals. Shelley’s, Keats’, and Tennyson’s poetry are emotionally intense.

10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Literature

We’ll look at what the essence of literature is and what it should be in this essay. What role does literature have in reflecting human emotions, lives, complexity, challenges, and compassion?

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It allows us to get away from our personal difficulties and surroundings. We have entered a new and wonderful world. Falstaff, Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Micawber, and Colonel Newcome are among the characters we encounter.

9. Ethical guidelines and character development

The study of literature may also provide moral guidance. It portrays both good and bad characters and displays them in such a way that we feel obliged to follow the good characters’ lead and avoid the follies and blunders of the wicked ones. Most works of literature demonstrate how moral order operates in the cosmos so that we might draw appropriate lessons for our own life direction.

Milton’s Paradise Lost, Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Tolstoy’s novels, and Shakespeare’s plays are all rich in moral lessons. The study of such masterpieces is certain to ennoble and uplift us. Literature brings us face to face with life’s perennial issues. It forces us to think about such issues in order to come up with a good answer. Human character development is aided by literature.

10. Human nature and knowledge

Literature broadens our understanding of human nature and how it works. Because man is the topic of literature, a good writer must have a thorough understanding of the human mind and motivations. As a result, reading literature allowed him to gain insight into human behavior and nature.

This understanding may be applied in our daily lives. Furthermore, studying literature allows us to become acquainted with individuals from different cultures and customs. A Russian novel will show life in Russia; an American short story will provide insight into American culture, and an English play will reflect the lives of Englishmen.

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