The Wellness Laws: Understand Your Living Long, Happy, Healthy

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2023)

The wellness laws, God’s laws (contentious, complicated, contradictory, and perplexing), the law of Gravity, the law of Thermodynamics, the law of the Land, Parkinson’s law, Murphy’s law, and so on are all familiar to most educated people. The majority of them are called after the author of a law’s pithy comment. The laws vary from A (Aitken’s law, which outlines how vowel length is influenced by the environment) to Z (Zipf’s law, which states that a few words are used frequently while the majority are used infrequently).

Perhaps it’s time for a REAL wellness law—or several such laws—as the wellness profession expands and advances. If that’s the case, why not link as many as possible to one’s own name?

Perhaps grandiose, but if I don’t do it, someone else will, and that person may well make a mess of it. Wellness is represented and presented in radically inappropriate and dysfunctional ways in corporate America and throughout the world; why not cut through the nonsense with a few transformational REAL wellness laws? Such rules, if they make sense and guide people to more rational thinking, might help to enhance health and life outcomes in a small way.

The Wellness Laws: Understand Your Living Long, Happy, Healthy

By the way, to be impacted by and live in line with a law named in his or her honor, one does not have to write it or even be aware of it. We have all followed Galileo and Newton’s gravitational rules long before we were aware of them.

Anyone who wants legislation to be named after them should show proof of their qualifications. Mine are basic and modest, yet they are adequate for the honor. As of this writing, I’ve published 15 books, over a thousand essays on, 74 eight- to twelve-page hard copy wellness reports since 1984, 657 weekly electronic REAL wellness newsletters, and at least a thousand lecture presentations in a dozen countries, all while dreaming about the ways to and chances of vastly improved environments and cultures for greater health and happiness for 43 years (since 1970).

All of this has led up to this point when I provide the world with Ardell’s two rules of REAL wellbeing.

Random Chance, Natural Selection, and Contingencies, according to Ardell’s 1st Law of REAL Wellness Everything else is Trump.

Life’s major events are frequently preceded by seemingly insignificant tiny actions of which we are ignorant.

In creating and fine-tuning lifestyle patterns, secular rational freethinkers value information, dedication, reason, and tenacity. We value thoughts and actions on existential and non-existential issues that contribute to pleasant feelings of enjoyment and well-being. Happiness, independence, physical fitness, love, mutually rewarding relationships, and diverse abilities are all things we intentionally desire. What matters most, what determines our success and results, appears to be largely under our control.

Unfortunately, this practical and favored method of thinking is mainly fictitious. There are three far more important truths that you have no control over. These three characteristics also make the quality and duration of your life uncertain and unknowable.

There are three of them:

1) random chance or luck,

2) natural selection, and

3) contingencies.

Ardell’s 2nd Law of REAL Wellness: Other REAL wellness rules pale in comparison to Ardell’s 1st Law of REAL Wellness.

Given the first law’s enormous black hole force, further similar laws only play a minor part in efforts to modify life quality and length.

However, this does not negate the need for further REAL wellness legislation. The truth is that most of the eponymous laws on the books are irrelevant to the vast majority of people, but they may be of interest and even useful to a select minority. I’m in my eighth decade, and I can’t think of a time when knowing Aitken’s or Zipf’s laws would have been useful. Neither had occurred to me until I began my research for this piece. The same may be said for a slew of other legislation.

In comparison to the first law, this and subsequent laws are insignificant. Nonetheless, I will make a couple more suggestions. They can’t possibly harm you.

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Ardell’s 3rd Law of REAL Wellness: Finding your passion is excellent, but sticking with it and being great at it is even better.

We must select trades of some type to pay our way through life because few of us have royal heritage or wealthy trusts that guarantee first-class travel with little or no need for labor. As a result, it’s a good idea to set a long-term aim of learning and working in a trade that will be both fun and remunerative.

When you complete this challenge, your means of making a livelihood will no longer seem like labor.

As a result, the third law – master a passion – comes into play. Begin by pursuing a variety of hobbies and, after years, if not decades, of trial and error, settling into one and immersing yourself in it.

Be realistic, but not too realistic-while not everyone can run for office, act in movies, or play in the NBA or NFL, a select few can. Concentrate on what fascinates you about your abilities and qualities. Put in the time it takes to get into Carnegie Hall (i.e., practice, practice, practice—take Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule into consideration).

The idea is that at some time during your career, someone, somewhere, for whatever reason, will pay you to do what you enjoy—because you are so great at whatever it is you have refined to a degree of creative perfection.

Ardell’s 4th Law of REAL Wellness: It’s better to pursue pleasure rather than avoid discomfort.

Forget about a smidgeon of caution. While an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, even a grain of REAL health is worth a pound of cure. Prevention is so old-fashioned—classic it’s medical thinking geared at preventing unpleasant effects. Furthermore, striving in order to avoid a poor consequence is not enjoyable.

Rather than avoiding something, aim for good outcomes through proactive actions that entertain and satisfy. REAL wellness efforts that are led by logic, vigor, athleticism, and liberty are more likely to be interesting and pleasurable. Such actions will far more effectively reinforce positive goals than waiting for unfavorable states to develop as a result of preventive tactics!

Naturally, some preventative measures are beneficial. Prevention of birth control is beneficial, as is the prevention of disease—you get the picture.

Ardell’s 5th Law of REAL Wellness: Examine your involvement in each situation, good or negative, and make changes if necessary.

Personal accountability should be your default setting. Yes, blaming, excusing, denying, and/or ignoring responsibility is initially simpler, cheaper, and more convenient than accepting it. In most societies, including our own, these are the current default settings. However, taking on some level of responsibility is healthier, more gratifying, and more productive in the long run, if not the medium. This method allows you to make changes without relying on the actions of others. The best way to promote your own interests is to take action.

Ardell’s 6th Law of REAL Wellness: The staff of life is dead, bloated rhino equivalents.

For most people, not all facets of REAL wellbeing are equally significant. We’re all quite different in a lot of ways, but we’re also very similar in a lot of others. Our circumstances, finances, talents, and other factors, however, differ greatly. The experience of several DBRU counterparts, an active interest in and life-long openness to new meanings, and a dedication to and maintenance of a superbly fit physique must all be among the most crucial aspects for enjoying life.

Make it a point to constantly attempt to see the bright side of life, in addition to acquiring an understanding and acceptance of the truth of Ardell’s 1st Law of REAL Wellness. If the latter seemed tough, consider the lines spoken by Woody Allen’s character’s mother in Annie Hall. Allen’s character laments that he’s too anxious to finish his studies after learning that the cosmos is growing. “It will eventually disintegrate, and it will be the end of everything.”

“However,” his Mother snarls, “you’re in Brooklyn!” The borough of Brooklyn is not growing.”

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about where you are, whether it’s expanding or not. You don’t have time to waste on such frills as an expanding universe—or anything else for that matter. Get on with your life, look on the bright side, find ways to have some fun, and put my 1st Law of REAL health back into conscious consciousness. Everything will work out in your favor if luck smiles on you, if the natural selection processes that led to your formation turn out to be fortuitous, and if the circumstances that brought you here and those ahead turn out to be favorable.

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