25 Great Importance of Literature – 100 Must-Read Books List

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2022)

What is literature and what is the importance of literature? As the general conception implies, literature is a collection of works liked and valued for its formal qualities as well as their subject concerns, which most would describe as vaguely artistic or even aesthetic. If you ask me about the importance of reading, I’ll tell you that it’s similar to enjoying the arts. This article will provide some insight into the importance of literature. Keep reading.

However, in recent decades, progressive theoretical arguments have called into question the whole idea of literature, making it hard to determine what literature is and should be. The problematic word “fiction” relegates literature to a secondary place in comparison to other humanities such as history.

Today, with the demise of idealism, we are witnessing a weird resurgence of the value of language. In the study of literature, perennial concerns such as what is truth and reality are once again raised. Whereas philosophy and its descendant, science, have dominated this field of research, literature appears to represent a fresh platform for these long-standing issues.

Because all discourses necessarily employ language as the major vehicle of communication, literature in the mid-twentieth century moved against its adversaries by questioning all kinds of knowledge. As a result, all publications, from political ideas to psychology, are seen as distinct types of writing and so fall within the umbrella of literature.

What is the importance of literature?

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