How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear of Public Speaking?

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2022)

What is the Fear of Public Speaking? What are the reasons for this? How to overcome anxiety and fear of public speaking? Fear of public speaking may paralyze you… In front of a large crowd… You’re undoubtedly familiar with the sensation. You may labor for weeks, learning the information and practicing your presentation. You make an effort to dismiss your uneasiness. Then there’s the big moment… You head to the concession booth… You stammer because your throat is dry… You have an empty feeling in your head.

What’s going on with you? This vexing condition is known as Public Speaking Fear.

This dread, often known as a phobia, is not unique to you. According to recent surveys, over 40% of the population suffers from a severe phobia of public speaking. Almost everyone is afraid of public speaking to some extent.

The fear of public speaking appears to afflict virtually everyone at some point, whether it is in front of ten people or a full auditorium. Even the most experienced public speakers can grow jittery before a big speech.

The effects of nervousness range from just “not being your best” during the speech to being unable to begin the speech and, in some situations, even experiencing nightmares and an overall sense of ineptitude.

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