How to Find Inner Beauty and Self-Esteem in Yourself

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2022)

How to find beauty in yourself? I had the companionship and pleasure of reading the March edition of Allure magazine during my early ride to Manhattan on the Express Bus. I started by reading Linda Wells’ Letter to the Editor and was struck by this beautiful catchphrase, “pursuit of beauty.” This phenomenon, according to Linda, is similar to the pursuit of the American Dream. This article will share insight on how to find beauty in yourself. Keep reading.

It is “a psychological and physical right to decide and better our core selves…that transcends gender, class, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.” “This is very true!” I thought to myself. Who doesn’t want to be and feel beautiful nowadays? There is no question that we as humans are hyperaware of our physical looks and will go to great lengths to improve or preserve our physical attractiveness. Our unquenchable desire for all things “beautiful” demonstrates that we are all pursuing it wholeheartedly.

How to find beauty in yourself

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