15 Tips to Successfully Avoid Escalating Workplace Bullying

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)

How to avoid escalating workplace bullying? “Treat Your Coworker Like a Child: How to Tame a Terrible Boss or Office Bully,” a recent article on Health.com, offers some sound ideas for coping with workplace bullying. Bullying isn’t limited to children. Bullies are no longer relegated to our childhood playgrounds; they now wander the hallways of our offices and other places of business as grownups. Indeed, workplace bullying is so frequent in the United States that up to 35% of workers—roughly 54 million people—report being bullied at work, while 15% report witnessing it.

It even gave readers three simple pointers on how to treat your employer like a kid at the end of the piece;

  • Make it entertaining,
  • reinforce excellent behavior,
  • learn his or her triggers.

These suggestions in the two-page paper are well-founded and incredibly valuable when correctly implemented, however, the problem you should consider is concealed in the information that was left out. There are two components that are lacking, and without them, your office bullying problem will only get worse.

Workplace bullying, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, is defined as a pattern of damaging abuse by one or more offenders who target their victims with threatening, demeaning, abusive, isolating, and/or sabotaging behavior. More than half of all bullying is carried out by offenders who are higher in rank than their targets, and a third is carried out by the target’s peer (s).

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