Advantages of Philosophical Literature – 200 Must-Read Books

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2022)

What are the advantages of literature? With the start of the 1970s, literature witnessed a major change. The threads of philosophical thinking began to impact literature. I’d want to use this space to philosophize about literature based on the numerous reads I’ve accumulated. New Criticism, Psychoanalysis, Existentialism, Structuralism, Post Structuralism, Marxism, Feminism, and Post Colonial Literature are some of the philosophical developments in literature. Through a critical study of literary works that I have read, I would like to evaluate each of these philosophical ideas and their influence on literature. This article will share some insights into the advantages of literature. Keep reading.

In the same manner that mathematics and philosophy are academic fields of study, literature is not. In the sense that philosophical concepts are frequently conveyed to readers through literature, philosophy makes use of literature.

Literature is concerned with fiction, emotion, and metaphorical language, whereas philosophy is concerned with truth, intellect, and the literal use of language. As a result, unlike certain novels, philosophy seldom makes us cry.

What is New Criticism, exactly? New Criticism is a philosophical school of thought that stresses the importance of reading literary works for their aesthetic value. As a result, New Criticism stresses language’s metaphorical issues. Tropes are linguistic sculptures created by the afflatus of the pen. For example, if I claim that my body is in the Diaspora of a Palestine desert, the meaning would translate into an aesthetic, which is a metaphor that represents the dispersal of the body, the libidinal impulses into a homeland, a barren area like a desert on the advantages of literature.

Advantages of literature

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